Happy new decade from Stockholm! 2019 was an exciting year for the team at Doit.io. We made significant progress but also admittedly had to make tough, but necessary decisions. After a lot of testing, we decided to move to a new database infrastructure, which meant we had to rewrite a big part of the code.

Having left that behind, we’re now fully committed to making the beta ready for you to test, and we honestly can’t wait for any feedback that you might have.

In less than two months, in March, you’ll receive an invite for the beta. We understand that it’s been a long wait, but from the positive side, the product has dramatically improved.

Here’s a snapshot of the current look and feel.

Since we have now completed the database infrastructure project, things are moving fast. Features are being added while we also continuously work on improving the user experience.

We’ll keep you updated :)

The Team at Doit.io