Like many of you, we’ve been impacted by the recent developments around the world. We are now a fully remote team, to help contain COVID-19 here in Stockholm. The launch of the beta has been delayed but we hope to have it available for you to test in the near future.

It’s a new situation and a time of uncertainties, but we’re determined to continue our mission to help people become more organized.

Here’s an update on our latest progress:

Last week we turned our focus towards collaboration and how to make it easy for you to share and invite colleagues, family or friends to your work.For example, you might want to invite colleagues to a new project, friends to a travel plan, or a family member to your todo list.

Here’s how sharing looks in From here you can invite people, set permissions or make a note public, for anyone to view.

Keep everything organized in Doit
Sharing meny

Next week we’ll implement the Task View so that you can quickly review all your scheduled, assigned or overdue tasks.

Stay safe and well out there!