We've been working hard on having Doit.io available for Beta, and I can't wait for any feedback that you might have. The majority of the core functionality is now completed, and we're making good progress every day.

Here's an update of our current progress:

Labels are a vital part of Doit.io as it allows you to group notes together, making it easy to find what you're working on next. We've now added sub-labels so you can organize your content and information in a structured way.

We've added the functionality to create sub-tasks, or sub-sections, by simply indenting any desired tasks using the Tab key, so you can quickly group tasks together. You can also collapse / expand sub-tasks as needed.

Here's how it can look:


Currently, we are working on implementing templates, so that you may create new notes using pre-defined templates and begin adding content right away.

Stay tuned for more updates 😊

Jon Malmberg
Co-Founder Doit.io