It's exciting to launch new features that have been requested by users. Today we added the ability to stack notes in a folder-like structure using labels and a brand new search. These updates will help you organize information the way you want and to find it quickly. Here's how:

Stack your notes together 📁

When you add labels to your notes, Doit will automatically create stacks (or folders) so that you may browse and organize information in a way that suits your needs. See this in

Create stacks / folders for your notes
Create stacks / folders for your notes

New Search 🔎

The new search makes it easier to find what you're looking for and to jump between the most recently used notes. Filters are now also part of the search area.

Doit New Search
Doit New Search

What's next ➡️

In the next few weeks, we'll add the ability to edit and manage labels, improve sharing, and add reminders for tasks and events. Stay tuned!

Note: Templates are removed for now, as we're working on making them more usable. You can access your old templates in Notes" and use the "duplicate note" function for now. Archived notes are available in the search field.

See these updates in

We would love to know your thoughts, what we can improve, what's missing. Any feedback is highly appreciated