We're very excited to launch both the My Tasks and Calendar view today. These updates will help you to better manage and organize your tasks and events. Here's how:

My Tasks ✅

This view gives you complete control of all your upcoming and overdue tasks. Using My Tasks makes it easier to know where to start your day or where you left off. You can jump directly to the note containing the work ahead.

It's also a place to add new tasks that don't necessarily belong to a Note and organize them later. Go to My Tasks

Calendar 📅

Here you can create or reschedule tasks to better fit your schedule and review your plans for days, weeks, or even months ahead.

Check on your upcoming due dates or add a task to a specific day. With the Calendar view, you can see all your scheduled tasks and stay on top of things. Click here to check your Calendar

Next up ➡️

We'll continue to roll out features and next up is radically improving the Search function and implement a folder like structure to Notes.

We’d love to know more about what you think. Please keep the feedback coming so we can continue to make Doit.io better for you.

If you have any questions or need help, just hit the feedback widget at the bottom right on our site.

Co-founder, Doit.io