As our focus remains on getting ready for the beta launch (we can’t wait for any feedback that you might have), I wanted to share a quick update on our progress.

We’ve been working hard to improve the core experience of, which includes improving the UI, simplifying sharing, and fixing bugs. Our ambition is to initially release the beta to a selected few and invite more as we go.

We’ve updated the UI and removed functionality that didn’t serve its purpose to “clean” it up. The card view is updated, and you can now easily find where you left off by searching or using the filters at the top. The note view has also been updated to allow you to organize and segment your content easily (see mobile).

Here’s how it currently looks:

We’re fully committed to having the beta version ready for you to test shortly. Within the next few weeks, we’ll start inviting people and continue to roll out. Any feedback you might have would be highly appreciated.

Stay safe out there!